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Orbis Gaming Rust#

The Orbis Gaming Rust server


These rules can change at any time and while something may not be written here that does not mean it is not against the rules. Be smart and think if your actions ruin the game for others.

  1. Maximum Group size of 3 people.
    • You cannot raid another player/players alongside another group. 
    • You can counter raid and kill the raiding party if you wish.
    • You can watch a raid from afar, you may not get in the way or actively help one side or another.
    • Trading between groups for items/payment is perfectly acceptable.
  1. No hacking, cheating glitch/bug abusing.
  1. English only in Public chats.
    • Until we can get more staff within the team who can communicate in more languages we cannot moderate other languages being spoken.
  1. Recent VAC banned accounts are not allowed.
    • Family sharing accounts are equally not allowed.
  1. No chat spamming.
  1. No racism/sexism etc.
    • Just be nice to one another, even if you are enemies and are raiding each other.
  1. No threatening other players in real life.
    • Threatening to raid someone or some other form of threat which only has in game consequences is of course fine and part of the overall experience, but there is no need to threaten someone’s actual self.
    • This rule includes no doxing.
  1. Don’t be a troll.
  1. Don’t use your teammates to gain kills for the top 10 kill list!
    • Or anyone else for that matter! Kills must be attained through fair PVP play.