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About Orbis Gaming

We've been hosting servers for years and have refined our ideals to one simple goal—Entertainment. We created Orbis with this word as it's basis, and try to offer this to anyone who joins and visits our Community.

Sam(Brzam) and Burridge, our Community Managers, have been actively managing communities and hosting servers since 2012—with Burridge hosting servers since 2008.

Orbis itself was created in 2019, and was started in 2019 as a community for the upcoming game Hytale, but both Sam and Burridge have strong roots in hosting Minecraft servers and still have plenty of ideas and passion for the game.

This led to the creation of the Orbis Minecraft server that, through years of experience, we've strived to make sure that, like everything we do, it meets our communities goal—Entertainment.

Our goal of Entertainment is something we're sticking to—we've said it four times on this page alone! It's something we want to ring true in our community and we're always happy to hear suggestions to help the community grow!

Our Servers